Alternative Cancer Treatments

It is important to understand that Alternative Cancer Treatments (which could be defined as an alternative to standard cancer treatment when standard cancer treatment has failed and there are no other medical options or an addition to standard cancer treatment to minimize its toxic side effects and to promote healing) has the objective to heal the whole body and mind naturally. The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

   If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer make sure they watch this video to help get informed on what cancer really is, how it forms and how to heal the root cause instead of just trying to get rid of the effects (the tumor) and find out later that tumors can keep coming back if you do not treat the cause- which is the CANCER DEDIFFERENTIATED TISSUE – the queen bee of the beehive that makes all the other bees!

If after watching the first 6 minutes of this video you have questions on how to heal the root of your cancer call Total Health Institute at 630-871-0000 for a complementary phone consultation with Dr. Nemec or one of our health associates to have your questions answered.

* Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of specific results and results will vary from person to person.

Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

Breast and Colon Cancer

* Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of specific results and results will vary from person to person.

   Alternative Cancer Treatments

The purpose of this page is to educate you on what alternative and integrative cancer therapy really IS. We will be sharing news on alternative cancer treatments that is not focused on killing cancer with chemicals and radiation but instead working to balance the systems of the body so it can do what God designed it to do from the beginning – heal naturally.

Every symptom, condition and disease has the possibility to heal naturally without drugs or surgeries if one does not wait too long or toxify the body with too many chemicals.

Think on this

If a person who has been diagnosed with advanced cancer has two weeks to live and you cut that person’s finger, what does it do? IT HEALS! If the finger heals why doesn’t the malignant tumor in the breast or the lung heal? The answer can be BLOCKAGE. There is no blockage of the flow of life to the finger but there may be a blockage in the flow of life to the breast, the lung, etc.

Remove the blockage then you can see life and health restored, naturally.

Alternative Cancer Treatments in More Detail

Is cancer really trying to kill you?

According to the toxicity and disease model, cancer forms when toxicity builds up to the point that it spills over from the blood to the space between the blood and the tissues called the extracellular matrix and then finally spills over and enters the nucleus where the DNA and genetic material are made. When toxins enter into the nucleus it has one final attempt to survive, it dedifferentiates into dedifferentiated cancer tissue to try to adapt to a toxic, hostile environment. The dedifferentiated cancer can change into any tissue type and also grow very rapidly.

So if the tissues have a stimulus to transform into dedifferentiated cancer tissue to adapt to a toxic environment then how can you cause the dedifferentiated cancer (the queen bee of the beehive) to revert back into normal? Is this done by adding more toxins like chemotherapy or by removing the toxic load and upgrading the performance of all systems, glands and organs? The answer is obvious. Cancer  are not some foreign invader that should be killed with toxic chemicals that also kill normal tissue.

Cancer tissue is your tissue with the inherent wisdom to survive. To get them to change back into normal calls for a change in the internal environment. Cancer can grow rapidly with high toxins, low oxygen, high sugar and an acidic environment. Cancer would have no reason to be cancer if the environment had no toxins, high oxygen, low sugar and alkaline. The reason is because this is the environment that healthy tissue thrive in. Change the environment and you have the possibility to change the cancer back into normal tissue. All Alternative Cancer Treatments must understand this basic premise in order to be successful.

The new research in cancer treatment is to find a way to target dedifferentiated cancer tissue (the queen bee) which drive the cancer growth. Chemotherapy up to date has only had success in killing the regular cancer growth (the rest of the bees in the beehive that the queen made) but not the queen bee. These are the cancer tissues that grow from the core dedifferentiated tissue (queen bee) of the cancer. The problem is when you use toxic chemotherapy to try to kill the cancer all you accomplish is a temporary killing of regular cancer tissue. The true source of the cancer proliferation is the dedifferentiated cancer tissue – the queen bee which is not killed with chemotherapy.

So when a person has multiple rounds of chemotherapy and everyone is pleased because the tumor is shrinking, do not get too excited because what is usually happening is a killing of the regular cancer tissue and a production of a more aggressive growing dedifferentiated cancer tissue that is drug resistant. The term is MDR or multiple drug resistance. This is similar to when a person takes too many antibiotics and the bacteria grow stronger and more antibiotic resistant. The same happens with dedifferentiated cancer. This is why people see a shrinking of tumors but then the cancer can return worse than ever before. This is because they did not change the internal environment to make it one that promotes health but instead they tried to kill their cancer tissue (the worker bees).

So what is the answer?

If you put garbage on your driveway it will attract flies. How many cans of fly spray will it take to kill all the flies? Infinite! The flies will always be attracted to the garbage no matter how many you kill there will always be more coming. How do you get rid of the flies? Remove the garbage and the flies will leave because they have no reason to be there anymore. In this analogy the flies are the cancer, the fly spray is chemotherapy and the garbage is the internal environment you have created with poor diet, lifestyle and stress. Change the environment and you can change the disease. Alternative Cancer Treatments must focus on changing the environment instead of trying to kill cancer.

Why doesn’t chemotherapy and radiation kill dedifferentiated cancer (queen bee)?

Scientists don’t know for sure. Since chemotherapy and radiation kill tissue that divide often, dedifferentiated cancer tissue may be less vulnerable because they rarely divide. Some scientists believe dedifferentiated cancer may have genetic mutations that make them resistant to damage from chemotherapy or radiation, or cancer progenitor tissue may be able to repair DNA damage more rapidly than normal tissue.

Developing treatments that effectively target the dedifferentiated cancer population is essential for improving outcomes.

Max S. Wicha, M.D., Distinguished Professor of Oncology and director of the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center